GamBlock® Android Browser

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GamBlock® Browser for Android Devices (Phones and Tablets)

GamBlock® Android Browser

These instructions can be completed by the person being protected.

The GamBlock® Android Browser is used with GamBlock® for Help Organisations self-exclusion on Samsung devices, GamBlock® Divergence self-exclusion on non-Samsung devices or GamBlock® Managed Exclusion on older Lollipop / Android 5 devices, where a sponsor or loved one manages irremovability.


Download, Install and Open the GamBlock® Browser.

If you have purchased GamBlock® and uninstalled the GamBlock® Browser prior to your device being secured, please contact us with your Transaction ID and we will send you a code to bypass payment.


If the GamBlock® Browser download doesn’t stay in notifications by dragging down from the top of the screen, open it in Downloads.



On the GamBlock® Browser, unhide the GamBlock® menu.


Touch "Purchased".



Enter the code you received and touch "YES".



Navigate out of settings back to browse.

Navigate back


Navigate out of settings again back to browse.

Navigate back again