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Product Overview

Proxy, VPN, DNS, Onion and reset proof

GamBlock® is a full blocking system. GamBlock® uses multiple sophisticated heuristics. For example, if a new gambling site is published, GamBlock® will block it, whereas other apps leave people harmed by gambling exposed until they add new gambling sites to their list, during which time money can be lost.

GamBlock® is proxy proof. For example, GamBlock® blocks gambling but does not block non-gambling surfing at New proxy sites are published all the time. Other apps leave desperate gamblers vulnerable until they add new proxy sites to their list.

GamBlock® does not use VPNs, so changing VPN settings or using another VPN will not circumvent GamBlock®.

GamBlock® is not is simple DNS blocker, so changing DNS settings will not subvert GamBlock®.

GamBlock® works seamlessly with onion apps like Tor.

GamBlock® blocks factory reset and Reset this PC, which lets you keep all your files while re-installing Windows complete with updates. These are usually the first things people try as a means of bypassing in order to gamble.

GamBlock® is always ahead, and with GamBlock®, you are always ahead.


GamBlock® works in a number of ways

GamBlock® searches the data in each page requested for viewing on the internet. On receiving the data it heuristically checks to see if this is a page which offers the ability to gamble. Following a number of sophisticated analyses it determines whether access will be permitted.

Depending on the platform or browser, the user is directed to safe site, the tab is blocked or restricted. GamBlock® also blocks gambling apps and other non-browser based online gambling activities. GamBlock® can be configured to be hidden. GamBlock® can also block phone calls as well as texts to and from gambling vendors.


GamBlock® diagnoses new sites

GamBlock® will even diagnose and consequently block new gambling sites and apps that have been released after installing GamBlock®. This means sites are blocked as soon as they are released, before you can access them. GamBlock® does not interfere with the ability to view other sites and provides the ability to send reports.

GamBlock® continues to conduct extensive research on the type and number of internet sites offering gambling facilities. GamBlock® improves and alters the heuristics accordingly.


Install GamBlock® before the desperation starts

The answer to harm from online gambling is to get in early and install GamBlock® before the gambling harm starts. The short term effects of online gambling can cost a valuable employee, career, reputation or worse. Gambling harm affects relationships and the lives of loved ones.

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