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How GamBlock® can Help

GamBlock® protects you from online gambling harm.

It will allow you to "self exclude" yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of online gambling.

It is essential for those concerned that others might use their computer for unauthorized Interactive Gambling and ideal for parents wanting to protect their children and family assets from online gambling.

The Facts on Gambling

The American Insurance Institute reports that people harmed by gambling annually cost American businesses $40 billion in lost wages and insurance claims.

The Institute also estimates that 40 percent of all white collar crime is committed by or for people harmed by gambling and two of every three people harmed by gambling say they would commit a crime to cover gambling debts and/or to obtain money with which to gamble.

In fact, gambling losses exceeding $100,000 and beyond are becoming much more common where fraud and other crimes are also implicated.

What can you do to prevent Internet Gambling on your premises?

GamBlock® is the only answer.

GamBlock® enables Corporations, Local Government, Government and Institutions to protect their businesses and staff from the dangers of Internet gambling.

The Social Impact of Gambling

Uncontrolled Internet gambling is a serious threat to the well being of individuals, businesses and communities.

Authorities easily control gambling off line as it takes place in defined jurisdictions at definite locations, supervised by licensed operators. Thus children, persons affected by alcohol and people harmed by gambling can be protected. Online gambling has none of these protective features.

Until the advent of GamBlock®, there was no physical way to control Online Gambling.
GamBlock® assures you complete protection by locking a personal computer or network out of all betting facilities and therefore preventing access to such sites.

Between 2% and 4% of all current non-Internet Gamblers have significant struggles with gambling harm.

Gambling harm brings financial ruin, broken relationships and destroyed careers.

GamBlock® is committed to helping complusive gamblers.

GamBlock® makes a real contribution to saving people's relationships, livelihoods and in extreme cases, lives.


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