Windows Personal Computers

Cannot be circumvented by opening services. Blocks irrespective of DNS. Works with UltraSurf, JohnDoBrowser, and onion gambling. Blocks Reset this PC.

Personal use only

Self-Exclusion or Managed Exclusion

Only GamBlock® blocks UltraSurf gambling.

Only GamBlock® blocks Opera VPN gambling.

Only GamBlock® blocks onion gambling. Whether you download Tor from TechSpot, a mirror site or get Tor from a friend, GamBlock® blocks onion gambling. GamBlock® does not block non-gambling websites when you use Tor.

Gambling is blocked whether UltraSurf is active or inactive, irrespective of whether UltraSurf is downloaded from a mirror site.

Cannot be circumvented by opening services, restarting and changing the DNS.

Cannot be circumvented by ending in Task Manager and changing DNS in Control Panel..

Blocks JohnDoBrowser gambling but does not block non-gambling via JohnDoBrowser.

Blocks gambling but does not block non-gambling surfing at

Only GamBlock® blocks Reset this PC, which lets you keep all your files while re-installing Windows complete with updates. This is usually the first thing people try as a means of circumvention in order to gamble.

GamBlock® works seamlessly with VPN and blocks gambling on Facebook. GamBlock® does not block non-gambling pages on Facebook. GamBlock® blocks by page, not site.

GamBlock® keeps working if the hosts file is disabled or deleted. GamBlock® does not use the hosts file. Those kinds of simple web address filters require constant updating of website lists and can slow down performance. GamBlock® uses multiple sophisticated heuristics that have been evolving since 2000. For example, if a new gambling site is published, GamBlock® will block it, whereas other apps leave people harmed by gambling exposed until they add new gambling sites to their list, during which time money can be lost.

GamBlock® works with VPN. GamBlock® cannot be circumvented by VPN. For example, if DotVPN is added to Chrome, gambling cannot be accessed, while anonymous surfing of non-gambling websites is not blocked. Simple web address filters are unable to filter VPNs and require constant updating of single website lists to keep each new VPN filtered. As the number of VPNs is increasing all the time, GamBlock® is the only solution.

GamBlock® blocks by page, not entire non-gambling sites. If a site contains gambling and non-gambling, only the gambling pages are blocked. For example, if a person chooses to block racing scores on a newspaper site, GamBlock® does not block the other pages on the site.

GamBlock® is self-sufficient and is not cloud based, so it keeps you protected even when the web is slow. GamBlock® doesn’t just filter connections to apps that allow gambling, it completely blocks the apps from opening.

GamBlock® gives you the option to block or unblock cryptocurrency, to hide or show when gambling is blocked, show or hide updates and renewal messages, the ability to block sports scores, stock trading, fantasy gambling, block individual sites, increase the level of blocking, conduct research and show gambling attempts. GamBlock® can also block by user account or administrators only. GamBlock® can be set up for self-exclusion or be managed by another person. GamBlock® is hidden from the Windows start menu and does not appear in Control Panel > Programs.

At the end of your licence period, GamBlock® is fully removed easily.

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