Unblock User Accounts

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Unblock User Accounts

GamBlock® Titanium

Shared computers can have unblocked User Accounts while the gambler(s) User Account(s) is (are) protected.

In the example below, Mary, Natasha, Sanjay and Steve share a house. Mary and Steve have a gambling problem, but Natasha and Sanjay don't. Natasha's and Sanjay's Windows User Accounts are unblocked; however, they can go out of the house knowing that Mary and Steve are protected.

Open GamBlock® Features, select the people who can be unblocked from the "All User Accounts" list, click "Unblock" and they will appear in the "Unblocked User Accounts" list. Unblocked users can be blocked at any time if required.

New User Accounts are automatically blocked.