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The Only Software

I have to tell you one thing just happened to me.

Yesterday I bought another product for my new computer. I have always used Gamblock(s) in all my computers before.

Today I clicked my computers "control panel" and use "system restore". After I did that, my just purchased other product was gone? That sure wasn´t the best software to prevent my gambling disease...

I really have to thank you for your brilliant and reliable product, that has helped me during these years, when I´ve been your customer.

Gamblock really has helped me with my serious gambling problem.

Sometimes gambling passion is just too powerful and it blinds you from any other things that´s happening around you.

I´m 33-years successful entrepreneurer from Finland.

I´ve got wonderful family who surrounded me with love and care.

But I´ve struggled with online poker gambling fever over ten years now and it really isn´t easy sometimes. When I lose, I lose a Lot.

Gamblock maybe doesn´t heal me, but gives me hope. I must be aweke all the time.

Gamblock is the only software that gives me peace from gambling hell.

With best regards

Jyväskylä, Finland


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