Genuine Heartfelt Thanks (Norfolk, United Kingdom)

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Genuine Heartfelt Thanks

Dear Gamblock folks,

I wanted to write and express my genuine heartfelt thanks for this product. In truth the software has been priceless to me.

I can tell you in no uncertain terms that this product has changed my life. I lost more money than I could afford to lose whilst playing online poker - I was absolutely hooked. My own home was not a 'safe' place to be whilst I had a computer with access to gambling sites. My relationships were wrecked, I didnt sleep properly , I was decietful and preoccupied with the next gambling binge.

The company should be very, very proud of the positive impact the product has on people like me.

Very well done and keep up the great work. If you want to use my feedback then feel free - just call me M ****** from Norfolk if you do though - this will preserve my anonymity with my employers.

Like I said, huge thanks

Loving your work!

Norfolk, United Kingdom


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