I lost the Money (Hawaii, USA)

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Lost Money Gambling

My buddy introduced me to online poker, and I literally sat at my computer for a week straight playing, thinking I could win BIG. In no way do I blame him for the introduction of online poker, but after hearing that he lost over 15,000 dollars, I thought that I could control the urge, and stop when I wanted.

When I realized that I began putting my school work off because of gambling I knew something was wrong. One of the online poker sites had a link to GAMBLOCK and I installed it pronto. I didn't by far get into debt like my buddy, but didn't want to face the fact if one day I did.

I'm going to try and convince him to download the program, so he can stop losing and get his life back in order.

GAMBLOCK! You guys are a wonderful! I wish I found you all 2,000 dollars ago. I lost the money, but know that I will lose no more. I firmly believe that a year away will be good for me, and if not I will download the program again.

Best Wishes, and no more "happy gambling" for me!

Hawaii, USA


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