Can I customise my level of app blocking?

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Can I customise my level of Samsung app blocking?



You have the flexibility to customise the level of app blocking according to your personal preferences.

By default, GamBlock® blocks gambling apps. However, it's important to note that some apps may not appear to facilitate gambling at first glance or may use different names when republished. As a result, some people find it necessary to allow only the apps that have been approved by us to ensure comprehensive blocking.

Our software, Gamblock®, provides a robust solution for blocking gambling-related content. It not only blocks access to gambling apps but also restricts specific features within other apps that enable gambling. For example, while you can still access Facebook, Gamblock® effectively blocks the gambling functionality on the platform.

We recognise that individuals have varying levels of susceptibility to gambling-related harm. To address this, Gamblock® offers the option to customise app blocking according to your specific needs. You can choose to block additional apps that you find problematic or trigger gambling harm.

Furthermore, if you prefer a more restrictive approach, Gamblock® allows you to exclusively permit apps that have been approved by our stringent criteria. This feature ensures that you can only access apps that meet our trusted standards, providing an extra layer of protection.

To enhance your experience, we also offer the convenience of remote customisation. Our support team can easily modify your selections and preferences without any hassle, saving you time and effort.

At Gamblock®, our goal is to empower you.