Can I customise my level of app blocking?

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Can I customise my level of app blocking?



Some apps are not overtly focused on gambling or require technical expertise to enable gambling. Some people have requested we block apps that allow gambling in any way as it puts them at risk. Others consider blocking these apps as over-blocking, so we give you the choice.

The default level of blocking blocks apps that offer gambling. However, apps which are configured in ways that do not ostensibly appear to facilitate gambling are constantly published and some are re-published with new names, so many people choose to only allow apps approved by us.

The second level of blocking is where you chose to irreversibly block borderline apps already installed on your device, which are not strictly gambling apps, that put you at risk.

The third level of blocking heuristically increases app blocking.

The fourth level of blocking lets you block apps that put you at risk. For example, some people may find a cryptocurrency app puts them at risk. Block Last App, blocks the last app that was installed. Once it is uninstalled, it cannot be installed again.

The fifth level of blocking blocks all app installs, except apps approved by us.