How do I block apps that are an extra risk for me?

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How do I block apps that are an extra risk for me?


Gamblock® is comprehensive software that blocks access to all gambling apps. Gamblock® also blocks the specific features within other apps that enable gambling. For instance, while Facebook remains accessible, the gambling functionality on Facebook is effectively blocked by Gamblock®.

We understand that different people may have varying levels of susceptibility to gambling-related harm. To accommodate this, Gamblock® offers the option to customise app blocking according to personal preferences. You have the flexibility to block additional apps, tailored to your specific needs.

Moreover, if you prefer a more restrictive approach, Gamblock® provides the ability to exclusively permit apps that have been approved by us. This feature guarantees that you can only access apps that meet our stringent criteria.

We also offer the convenience of remote customisation, meaning we can modify your selections and preferences without any hassle.


Open GamBlock® for Help Organisations in the "Apps" area of your device


Touch the three vertical dots menu icon.


Touch "App heuristics" and then "Block App".


Touch an app in the list.


Touch "Yes".


Touch "Yes".


Touch "Yes".


The app is blocked.