Parents Money Going Offshore

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Parents Money Going Offshore

Money lost in online casinos is money parents do not get back. The money does not circulate through the local economy. The average child knows how to bypass country / geolocation restrictions. For example, in Australia, the country restrictions on gambling sites can easily be bypassed by accessing the Opera Browser VPN, other VPNs, Tor or similar. This money is not taxed. Children use the same types of location restriction circumvention methods worldwide. Parents often come to us when their credit cards have been maxed out and, in some cases, when their child is already in prison.

We work with the prison systems, gambling recovery centres and other organisations to get children and adults back on their feet.

GamBlock® is not anti-gambling. We only want to help those who have been harmed by gambling and prevent suicide. Child suicide is of particular concern to me. Two twelve year old children at the same school recently committed suicide. 30% of males under the age of 18 in Australia have a gambling app on their phone. Hearing that we have helped save a life or helped get someone's life back on track is immensely rewarding. There is hope. People harmed by gambling can lead happy lives. I met a lady in Florida who attempted suicide and turned to GamBlock®. She is back talking with her family and was off to play golf with friends after we spoke.

David Warr

Creator of GamBlock®


If this article raises any issues for you, please contact the Samaritans in your country, Gamblers Anonymous or use or our help information.