Harmed by gambling instead of problem gamblers

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Why use "people harmed by gambling" instead of "problem gamblers"?


At GamBlock®, we strongly believe that language matters and is a powerful tool for shaping public perception. That"s why we choose to use the phrase "people harmed by gambling" instead of "problem gamblers" when referring to people seeking help.

We also understand that struggling with gambling can be a difficult and painful experience for anyone. That"s why we use the phrase "people harmed by gambling" as opposed to "problem gamblers". We believe that this phrase is more inclusive, providing a better environment for individuals to talk about their challenges and seek help.

Gambling issues can affect anyone, regardless of whether they are considered a "problem gambler" or not. It is important to recognize that everyone experiences gambling differently and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges individuals face. By choosing to use the phrase "people harmed by gambling", we emphasise that individuals are harmed and this avoids treating people as just numbers.

When people talk about problem gamblers, there is an inherent stigma attached to the term. "Problem gamblers" implies that these individuals are somehow at fault for perceived bad behaviour and are unable to control their urges. This leads to feelings of shame, guilt, and self-loathing which can further exacerbate the problem.

Furthermore, using the term "problem gamblers" ignores other people who may be affected by gambling addiction, such as family members, friends, work colleagues and loved ones. These people play an important role in helping the person with gambling issues to get back on track and reclaim their lives. When people are treated as human beings rather than just as "problem gamblers" or a number, this acknowledges understanding and compassion for their circumstances, rather than promoting of judgement and blame.

We believe it is important to recognize and acknowledge the harm gambling can have on individuals and families, and the use of "people harmed by gambling" rather than "problem gamblers" aims to do just that. The former emphasizes the fact that gambling addiction has taken its toll on someone, while the latter implies that it is the person"s own fault and they should be ashamed. Correct terminology, rather than "problem gambling", serves to emphasise the broader implications, such as its impact on relationships and financial harm.

In addition to this, we also believe that the "problem gambling" reduces gambling harm to a matter of individual morality. Gambling harm is a complex issue, and it is important that we focus our efforts on the societal factors which contribute to it, such as inadequate regulations, pseudo- testing funded and published by the industry and access to addictive products, rather than a blanket "Problem gambling". Our aim is to help people in need, rather than just putting the blame on individuals.

At GamBlock® we believe in empowering individuals, rather than shaming them, and this is something we strive for every day. We are committed to helping those affected by gambling harm, and our use of the phrase "people harmed by gambling", rather than "problem gambling" is part of that mission. By using this language, we hope to remind people that nobody should feel alone or ashamed, and that there is help available.

We believe in offering support and understanding to individuals who have been negatively impacted by gambling. By using "people harmed by gambling" instead of "problem gamblers", we hope to provide a more compassionate and respectful form of communication when discussing those who struggle with gambling addiction.