Why do you recommend using Microsoft Defender Antivirus?

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Why do you recommend using Microsoft Defender Antivirus?


Microsoft understands how we are trying to help people and are proactive in ensuring the safety of users.

While there are many people who use our software with non-Microsoft antivirus software, there are some potential issues that can occur with antivirus vendors that are slow to respond to GamBlock® improvements aimed at protecting people harmed by gambling.

When we submit our improvements to antivirus companies, some will temporarily cease false detections, only to incorrectly classify GamBlock® files again, causing installation issues. When these detections, known as false positives, are not corrected in a timely manner, people and their loved ones are put at risk.

Many people mention to us that when they run tools to remove non-Microsoft antivirus software provided by some companies, components remain, which can cause conflicts.

For the smoothest experience with GamBlock® and to keep your private information secure, use Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which comes already installed with Windows.