What is crypto gambling?

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What is crypto gambling?


Crypto-gambling is a form of online gambling which uses cryptocurrency as the main currency for placing bets. With crypto-gambling, players can bet on a variety of casino games from all over the world. It has become increasingly popular due to its anonymity and low fees.

Crypto-gambling with Tor works by allowing players to access crypto-gambling sites which have been hosted on the Tor network. By using the Tor browser, which can be easily downloaded from various places on the internet, gamblers can stay anonymous and gamble without having to reveal their identity. Furthermore, transactions are secured through the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies that are supported by the gambling platform.

People use Tor and the like to bypass government gambling filters and access gambling from anywhere in world.

GamBlock® is the only software that blocks access to online crypto-gambling websites. Imitators work by scanning peoples’ devices for gambling-related websites and then blocking them from loading. Tor circumvents this. GamBlock® works using far more sophisticated methods on a much deeper level, so people are able to use Tor, minus gambling.