What happens if I try to install GamBlock® Personal on a work computer?

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What happens if I try to install GamBlock® Personal on a work computer?


Corporate Network

GamBlock® Personal will not install on a network that is managed by a System Administrator. We cannot help you technically without working with the System Administrator. In most cases, the System Administrator will install GamBlock® Corporate. In our experience, some employers have been very supportive; however, we understand the sensitivities involved and recommend that you seek that advice from a Gambler’s Help [link] service before mentioning a gambling problem in the workplace.

Home Computer Used to Log Into Work

GamBlock® Personal can be used on a standard home computer to log into work.

Work Computer Used at Home

Please contact the person who set up the computer before installing GamBlock® Personal. If the computer has custom Windows permissions that permit some parts of GamBlock® Personal to install and prevents others, the components that have installed will perceive the absence of the missing components as an attempt to circumvent GamBlock® Personal and will limit functionality, sometimes severely. If this occurs, we may not be able to help you. GamBlock®’s irremovability is what people have come to depend upon, which requires GamBlock® to be installed on the operating environment for which it is intended.