Does GamBlock® have a Customer Service policy?

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Does GamBlockGamBlock® have a Customer Service policy?


Yes. Our Customer Service policy is separated into three categories.

Category One

GamBlock® was created in 2000 to help people. Our staff members are professional as well as courteous and we go further than other software companies to assist you.

If you feel a query was not adequately addressed, please forward our response, provide further clarification and we will re-address your query. GamBlock® is continually striving to improve customer service and we are interested in your feedback regarding any point you wish to make.

We use a specialized email system that ensures we receive all emails. If you are not receiving our emails, contact us from a Hotmail address (check the Junk folder) and we will send you the correspondence that we have previously sent.

GamBlock® is dedicated to answering your questions and providing customer support. In order to meet that goal, please provide detailed information regarding your specific query and screen shots if applicable (Alt + Print Screen, then paste into an image program or click on GamBlock® Check my PC and click “Screen Shot”) so that we can assist you in the best way possible.

We understand technology can be frustrating and some software companies can be "faceless". We are not. As GamBlock® has grown we have remained committed to helping individuals.

Category Two

Many of our customers claim that they are not the gambler and have installed GamBlock® for someone else, which is quite often the case. Certified Gambling Harm Counsellors have informed us that when people wish to gamble and cannot, etiquette can be lost, sarcasm can be used, false identities can be created and people can be rude or even go against their moral code. This can particularly be the case if people are under the influence of alcohol or other substances. In order to protect the vulnerable, when etiquette is lost, we assume that we are communicating with a person harmed by gambling, until a Certified Gambling Harm Counsellor informs us otherwise.

Gamblock Pty Ltd will not put its staff members at risk of psychological stress and trains its staff accordingly. We recognize that when people go into recovery that their situation improves. When courtesy re-occurs, the Transaction ID(s) service returns to Category One.

Category Three

We have no hesitation in calling the police when threats are made.