How do I backup and retrieve my data on Apple Devices?

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How do I backup and retrieve my data?


Data backup and retrieval is different to device backup and restore. Your data can be backed up in many ways prior to installing GamBlock® on your existing device and retrieved after GamBlock® is installed. Device backup and restore is blocked by GamBlock®, not data.

Use the same methods to backup data on your old device and retrieve it on a new device obtained through us with GamBlock® already installed. However, you can always do a device restore on a device obtained through us.

Data can be saved in saved in iCloud. These items can then be accessed on your GamBlock® protected device. An iTunes backup will save everything to a computer. An iTunes restore is blocked by GamBlock® but the iTunes backup data can be sent to iCloud via the computer and be accessed after GamBlock® is installed.

iSkysoft has multiple free services that back-up iOS on Mac and Windows. iSkysoft Phone Transfer is the fastest and simplest.

CopyTrans Shelbee - Available for both Mac and Windows. Backs up iPhone apps including app documents, iPhone messages, contacts, calendars and camera roll.

Syncios - Available for both Mac and Windows. Back up music, videos, photos, ebooks, apps, contacts, messages, and more. It is easy to use and it’s free.

Some people use Dropbox, Google Drive and so many more.

One method to access your contacts, emails and the like via your iCloud Apple ID after GamBlock® is installed, is to go to , and the like.

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Please Note: The points above do not apply to Samsung as your operating system does not need to be reset.