GamBlock® for Samsung - Self-Exclusion

GamBlock® for Help Organisations

Nougat / Android version 7 and above

Blocks device reset and

Allows VPNs

No one else need know. Easily installed on your own

Primarily targeted for help organizations and recovery centres.

Blocks device reset.

Cannot be subverted by changing storage access.

VPNs can be used.

GamBlock® keeps working after deleting VPNs.

Deselecting Device Admin and then quickly uninstalling the app cannot remove GamBlock®.

Does not keep pushing you out of your apps by reactivating in the background.

Blocks gambling but does not block non-gambling surfing at

Onion gambling is blocked and non-gambling onion surfing is safe.

GamBlock® is not reliant on ®Virtual Private Networks or a cloud. Therefore, GamBlock® cannot be circumvented by bypassing or removing a Virtual Private Network and does not slow down surfing.

Only GamBlock® can block calls to and from gambling vendors as well as texts.

Only GamBlock® can be installed on Samsung by you alone without others needing to know. GamBlock® is not reliant on loved ones or friends. GamBlock® is independent, private and secure.

GamBlock® easily installs and is only a matter of navigating anywhere in the GamBlock® Browser. GamBlock® Invisible displays the GamBlock® Browser as the "Internet Browser" with a globe icon.

Some apps can facilitate gambling although their main purpose is not gambling. Others are not overtly focused on gambling or require technical expertise to facilitate gambling. Gamblock® blocks the specific features within apps that offer gambling.

Each time you to want to change block level selections and make them irreversible, you don’t need to ask someone else. Others may not have the level of technical knowledge required to ensure your device is absolutely blocked from gambling. GamBlock® takes care of everything and you are always ahead.

Can be completely hidden from others.

GamBlock® works with Google Play. Google Play is fully functional with GamBlock® Self-Exclusion for Samsung and blocks apps that offer gambling..

Android settings are still accessible with GamBlock® Self-Exclusion for Samsung. "Backup and reset > Factory data reset" is the only setting that is blocked as this is often the first thing people try as a means of circumvention in order to gamble. All other settings including, lock screen, wallpaper, display and sounds are available for you to change.

GamBlock® blocks gambling apps in all countries. For example, without GamBlock®, SkyBet is available in the United Kingdom via Google Play. SkyBet is not available in places such as Australia. With GamBlock® installed, apps like SkyBet are blocked, irrespective of location.

App blocking heuristics mean that when a new gambling app is released, even before you or we know about it, irrespective of your location, you are protected. Some customers have requested we increase app blocking heuristics to block any app that may put them at risk. Others consider this to be over-blocking. You can raise your block level irreversibly to suits your needs.

You can customise your block level by adding extra apps that put only you at risk.

Easy to install, cannot be removed and easy to uninstall after a licence period.