GamBlock® for non-Samsung Android - Self-Exclusion

GamBlock® Divergence

Self-Exclusion for non-Samsung devices

Blocks device reset and gambling

Allows VPNs

No one else need know. Easily installed on your own.

Easy to install, cannot be removed and easy to uninstall after a membership period.

Blocks device reset.

Blocks gambling but does not block non-gambling surfing at

Cannot be subverted by changing storage access.

VPNs can be used.

Most Brands

The latest version of GamBlock® Divergence now goes even deeper into the operating system to keep you protected. This means we continually cover a greater number of non-Samsung models with individual diversity and local customisations. GamBlock® Divergence requires Android version 6 or above to provide you with the level of security necessary to fully protect you from online gambling on non-Samsung devices.

All important data should be backed up as a factory reset is performed. Your device is used as a new device.

Only apps approved by us can be installed, so only apps that do not facilitate gambling will ever be on your device.



Use THIS LINK to check compatibility. The US government Huawei trade ban means that some Huawei devices cannot be protected, whereas Samsung is consistent worldwide. The Huawei ban can also apply to devices outside the USA. Google is an American company. Individual countries and device providers choose whether they follow the American directive. Please contact us before purchasing for a Huawei device, so we can ensure you have a smooth experience.