Power Users for iPhones and iPads

Does not use VPNs.

Power Users or General Users do not use Virtual Private Networks as VPNs are easily circumevenetable.

GamBlock® is always up to date.

The device will be exactly the same as if GamBlock® was not on it. No special browsers or other software is needed.

Survives a factory reset.

Use the device, including Safari, like any other iPhone or iPad.


Obtain A Device Through Us.

You don't need to do anything. Use the device like a device without GamBlock®, except that gambling is blocked.

If the screen cracks for example, the replacement device has GamBlock® installed.

The device a can be any iPhone or iPad available in your country.

Arrives at your physical address already setup.

Self-Exclusion. No one else need know.

Not reliant on loved ones or friends. Completed on your own. Independent, private and secure.

Protection is active upon payment and can be on any iPhone or iPad available in your country. The unopened new device arrives at your physical address usually within one to three business days. GamBlock® is fully setup and never needs to be updated.

All we need to know is the model, colour and amount of GB. Many people email us a link to the iPhone or iPad they would like to lease, such as a USA iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked or a Svenska Köp iPad mini 4 for example.

At the end of the year, the device is the same as a device without GamBlock®. You keep using the device without paying anything extra. If you want GamBlock® again, you only pay the GamBlock® Membership fee again and the device is protected again without any setup. If the screen is broken for example, you walk out of the Apple Store with a replacement and GamBlock® protection.

Many countries have different state taxes and price devices differently for them all to be listed here. Please contact us for a price.


Use Your Existing Device

Apple requires that certain features are restricted for 30 days if an existing device is used. After which, the features of obtaining a device through us come into effect. Several options are available.

Another Person Helps

Another person sets a device passcode. The device would need to be left on with no lock screen for 30 days.

App Switching

Alternatively, apps are accessed one at time. No one else is required. However, you need to contact us to change apps.



General Users can upgrade to Power Users via any of the methods mentioned above at any time. If you switch Samsung, which is only matter of us sending you a link to and a few touches to be fully protected, we will double your protection period.