General Users for iPhones and iPads

Does not use VPNs.

Power Users or General Users do not use Virtual Private Networks as VPNs are easily circumevenetable.

GamBlock® is always up to date.


Use Your Existing Device

Downloaded and used immediately.

iOS 12

iPhone and iPad General Users has multiple options for blocking apps, including app configurations customised for you, another person locally managing apps or upgrading to Power Users.

iOS 13

Apple has significantly changed iOS 13 functionality. We can now alert loved ones and friends if gambling is being attempted or you can make us your preference to receive this information. If preferred, screen time can also be used locally by someone to the desired degree in tandem with GamBlock®. GamBlock® for Power Users is available at any time or protection is doubled by switching to Samsung. In all cases, we encourage you to stay in touch with us, so we can tailor your support and vary it as you require.



General Users can upgrade to Power Users at any time during a protection period. If you switch Samsung, which is only matter of us sending you a link to and a few touches to be fully protected, we will double your protection period.