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Does GamBlock® block eBay, YouTube or gambling exclusion sites?


GamBlock® does not block non-gambling (or non-Sports Scores / non-Stock Trading when selected on GamBlock® Platinum) eBay or YouTube activity. GamBlock® does not block gambling exclusion sites.

Many things that happen on a computer are not displayed via the Microsoft Windows Graphical User interface. For example: Adware may be placed on your computer prior to the installation of GamBlock®. The Adware may attempt to display a pop-up. GamBlock® may prevent this. From the customer's perspective GamBlock® may be appearing to block a non-gambling site.

GamBlock® is continually tested by independent Microsoft Certified Professionals and CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Technicians (Wintel Hardware and Microsoft Windows operating systems).

Make sure you have the current version of GamBlock® and then click Send Report when a GamBlock® message is displayed and we will be happy to assist you.

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