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Why don’t you offer refunds for GamBlock®?


There are a couple of reasons why we do not offer refunds for GamBlock®. The first is that we know GamBlock® is fit for purpose on any system that is free from corruption and malware. The second reason is that our program is not like most software that people purchase today. Our customers often do not want our software, but many need it to help them stop gambling, something they often can not do with out help. Our software is designed to help our customers stop doing something that they desperately want to do, so even when it is working perfectly, customers will still want it gone so that they can gamble. Our software also is designed not to be removed from a system that it is installed on, which means we would not be able to remove our software from a system if a request for a refund is made. If we did not have this policy then anytime a customer wanted to gamble they could just say I want a refund because they do not like our software, which would totally defeat the reason why they purchased our software in the first place.