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Why do you recommend uninstalling AVG?


While we have many customers who have been able to use our software with AVG installed there are some potential problems that can occur with AVG and GamBlock® installed. The first issue is that AVG will sometimes flag different components of our program during install, which can cause system instability if the user does not allow for these components to properly install. We have sent AVG emails asking them to resolve the false positives with our program, they are very slow to resolve the issues, and they often times come back shortly after they are resolved. We understand why security software can on occasion flag our program, which is often due to the irremovability features of our program. The problem is not that AVG flags our program at times, but more so that they do not resolve the false positives in a timely manner.

The other main issue we have is the fact that for some users AVG will actually prevent them from successfully using System Restore. We feel that this is the biggest reason why we recommend that customers uninstall AVG before they install GamBlock®. Like most software; GamBlock® creates a Restore Point prior to installation just in case there are any issues with installation. While issues with installation are rare, the fact that System Restore might not function properly can cause issues for GamBlock®’s AVG customers if something goes wrong during install.

Often after attempting to uninstall AVG, components remain. The AVG Remover tool. will completely remove AVG.

We recommend installing security software from larger companies such as Microsoft, who respond quickly to false positives. Microsoft Security Essentials will protect systems up to and including Windows 7. Windows 8 comes with Windows Defender installed.