Gamblock® - We block access to Online Gambling

GamBlock® for Windows Installation

GamBlock® Corporate customers please note: GamBlock® Corporate offers different installation methods to suit particular requirements. Please contact us to discuss the installation method that is best for your company or organization.

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Transaction ID

After you have completed the WorldPay transaction process, you will be provided with a Transaction ID.

Click "Print" to print your Transaction ID and then click "Continue".


Remove Gambling

Uninstall all gambling programs from your system. Some gambling programs leave menus on your browser even after a gambling program has been uninstalled. Make sure that any gambling menus are also removed. Please contact us if you need assistance.


Begin Download

We have removed the automatic download of GamBlock® due to the amount Pop-up Blockers preventing this feature. Click on the image or the link in order to Download GamBlock®.

The example given is for GamBlock® Small Business Platinum. The details of your transaction may be different.


File Download

The File Download will begin.

The example given is for Microsoft® Windows® Vista. The style of your download may be different.



Click here if the File Download does not begin.

Security Warning

Click "Save" and copy the file to each computer if you have purchased more than one licence or "Run" if you have purchased one licence.

If you receive a link that claims to be from GamBlock® and does not read "From:", click "Cancel".


Click "Run".

If you receive a link that claims to be from Gamblock Pty Ltd and displays a different publisher, click "Don't Run".


Begin Installation

Click "Extract".


Choose a language and click "OK".


GamBlock® will not release passwords or change installation choices upon request under any circumstances.

Select “Protect: Myself” or “Protect: Another person”, create a Password, read the Agreement and click “Next”.

"Protect: Another person" and Password fields are inactive for GamBlock® Silver users.


Do not switch off your computer. The image below may appear briefly. On computers that have been exposed to malware, or older computers, it may display for longer.


Close all other programs and click “OK”. Do not switch off your computer until is has restarted and the Desktop appears.


The Desktop appears after the computer has restarted. Installation is complete.


Online gambling is blocked.


GamBlock® Features can be opened from the Desktop and GamBlock® can be configured for your specific needs.