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Remote Support

GamBlock® has been helping gamblers since 2000. We understand the specific customer support needs of gamblers, which is why we offer full Remote Support. Remote Support lets you choose what type of customer support you would like. We call you or you call us and then we connect to your computer. You then choose whether you would like to use your computer microphone and speakers; however, you do not need either device to receive our assistance.

We can connect directly to your computer or if you are helping another person, we can connect directly to their computer while we all participate. Remote Support gives parents the assurance that their children are protected anywhere in the world. For example, you can call the room from your mobile phone in the park while we are helping your child overseas.

Remote Support shows you how to get the most of GamBlock® Features and keep your computer, financial details and identity protected. Your computer should be taken to a Microsoft Certified Professional Repair Technician if it is corrupted or has outdated hardware. Always ask to see qualifications first. We can help you locate a Microsoft Certified Professional in your area. For example, will pick up your computer and return it with GamBlock® installed, anywhere within the UK. If you do not want others to know about GamBlock®, ask Logic to inform the driver not to mention GamBlock® and your wishes will be respected.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to protect you, your workplace and / or those who you are helping. In order for us to provide you with remote support it is necessary for you to download the remote software that we use by clicking this link. Please first back up all of your important data to an external hard drive / flash drive or cd. Once you have backed up your data and installed the remote support software please provide us with a phone number (preferably a landline) and your Team Viewer ID, which will appear in the blank regions as shown by the arrows in the image below. This will allow us, while chatting with you, to connect to your system under your supervision and provide remote support. Please Note: In order to receive remote support, it is necessary to schedule a remote support session ahead of time with customer support.


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